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A big career shift: Why did I choose to become a coach?

Why did I choose to become a coach?

What do most of the people nearing their 40s do in life? They work hard to settle in their corporate jobs, isn’t it? I was not one among them to fall into the trap. Instead, I started to look for fulfilment. My corporate job paid me and gave me professional growth. It still does and I am thankful for it.

I tried to compete with people who were fit for the corporate. I missed the satisfaction. I wanted to live a happy life with no regrets. So I started to analyse my work life a couple of years back. I am a slow learner and I realised it late. But, I was happy I found a path, which helped a curious soul like me. It was only by experimenting, I came across what I can look forward to in life.

Who makes a big career jump at this age?

It may not be a wise decision especially when there are family commitments. We develop a natural fear. We become uncertain to take even a small new step. This fear is common because we don’t want to live in uncertainty. We want to know what comes next. Because we imagine risk, we don’t allow our mind to stay calm.

We don’t experience real failure. But, we imagine it so often that the fear of failure becomes our very first obstacle.

Like many, I looked for comfort and avoided risks. If I live in fear without facing failure, I am not living in reality. So, I chose to experience reality. I put my goal first so that it grows bigger than my excuses.

It wasn’t an overnight decision. I took a few years to search for what I want. Following others wasn’t interesting because I couldn’t run without a purpose. I stopped looking at my peers and followed my instinct.

The growth opportunities in corporate weren’t what I wanted for myself. My colleagues seemed like the best fit and I wasn’t. Still, I learnt to adapt and move ahead. I did not bother to find what made me happy because I did not try anything new. All I did was focus on my job.

Everything started to connect.

I tried my hand at content writing and did freelance gigs. Within a year, I quit content writing and enjoyed writing stories. I jumped into fiction and published my debut novella “An Unknown Trail” in 2019. This was the time I saw what I wanted in life. I decided to help others find their dreams and live a satisfying life. My story was to make a positive impact on our minds. I realised it after my story went public.

Even as a freelance trainer, I wanted to motivate people towards positive living. No matter what my path was, I bumped into the same point – to alter others’ lives. This became clear and the question was how. Positivity lightened me up and I wanted to spread that joy to many. The writing was one of the ways I had found. Yet, I wanted to explore other paths.

Call it Karma or the law of attraction, I across NLP and it seemed to connect all the dots. I felt as if I found exactly what I wanted because I can now help others in their journey. I learnt about how coaching can give breakthroughs. NLP is the best choice I made.

NLP coaching and my path ahead.

Many people think of a dream job, a happy family, more money or a successful business. Some achieve it and others don’t. And I see why people don’t get what they want. They don’t take action and it is the missing puzzle of the game. People fail to act because of fear, uncertainty, lack of confidence and self-doubts. NLP can help people who are stuck at something and want to get out of it.

NLP goes deep into the thinking patterns that stop us from taking action.

With NLP Coaching, I learnt I can alter the outcome if I alter my thinking. My NLP coach mentored me and subtly spotted my language patterns. I worked on my feedback and it changed my view. I became curious to learn more about how the mind works.

I made up my mind and chose NLP to coach others. I see NLP as the way forward to a fulfilling career and alter the life of others.

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