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Develop stronger bonds through open communication

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Are you tired of feeling misunderstood and overlooked in your relationships?

It’s time to communicate openly.

What is open communication?

It's expressing your thoughts. This means letting out what you think and feel inside. We're aware it's not that simple, right?

Mental issues occur because we cannot express our thoughts and feelings in our families and our workplace.

For a lot of us, we have endless barriers to communication.

These internal barriers make it challenging to communicate openly. But, it is not impossible either.

Despite the opportunity for open communication, why do countless people endure mental health challenges?

How does holding onto emotions affect you?

We must understand the consequences of not expressing our thoughts and feelings.

We contain our emotions that we don’t like to express.

It weakens the relationship in the family and also in our workplace.

If we express ourselves and others can listen without judgement, it can resolve most of the mental issues.

This leads to a good foundation for building successful relationships.

Why you don’t communicate openly?

Here are a few reasons you don’t speak up:

  • You could feel others will judge you - you don’t want to be judged.

  • You don’t want to change others’ opinions about you.

  • You want to make a favourable impression in the presence of others.

  • You just want to avoid the conflict that you foresee, which is possibly your preconceived notion, and actually may not even happen.

Most of the time, you may assume a certain problem as an outcome, which stops you from communicating openly.

This assumption in your mind can be bigger than the real problem.

And this affects your mental health because your mind is creating an artificial problem.

When you articulate yourself, the accumulated mental strain will dissipate.

The reality is not as intense as you expected.

Use writing for self-reflection.

You need to reflect on why you don’t want to express yourself.

What stops your thoughts and feelings from being expressed?

Take the time to write about your thoughtful reasons. Writing your thoughts can help you give clarity about what you think.

The more it stays on your mind, the bigger it looks, often.

You must understand what you go through when you hold on to your emotions.

What feelings do you have when you are not expressing them?

Write them down as much as possible and in detail. As you write your feelings, you become clear about your mental barrier.

You would also see that your thoughts were huge, and got shrunk when you wrote them.

Your paper says it all.

The rest of the thoughts in your mind are just mere repetition, different versions, and magnified versions of your minor problems.

Some of us may take it lightly thinking mental issues are common, but we understand there will be an impact.

Improve the quality of your relationships

Every strong relationship has something in common - communication.

If you can express yourself, you become mentally a healthy person.

Open communication is crucial for building trust in any relationship. It could be for couples, friends, family or colleagues.

Share your thoughts and feelings instead of keeping them to yourself.

You cannot assume the response unless someone says it to you. You cannot guess an outcome and hold your emotions unless you see what’s going to occur in reality.

Don’t let assumptions and misunderstandings hold you back.

Break this pattern

Speak up!

You remember that keeping things to yourself can affect your mental state.

For work, you can talk to your colleagues about your issues or talk to your superior.

Nobody can accurately guess your thoughts or feelings unless you express them

You cannot assume that others know what’s going on with you. Foster better bonding and collaboration by being open with others.

It also helps you make your workplace a peaceful space for you to be productive.

Express yourself

In today’s world, where mental health is a priority, expressing your emotions is necessary.

Open communication is the foundation of your mental health and the success of your relationships.

If you rely on assumptions, you can get stressed, which is unnecessary.

When you prioritise open communication and be honest about your feelings, you can create a positive environment at work and in your family.

Your voice is vital for connection-building and success.


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