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Vinayak Jawalkar

Fiction Author

My Writing Journey

Vinayak started to write about positive living in 2017. His first short story, “Is there a fitness coach in you?” was published in 2018. Since then, he has been writing, and there’s no looking back.

His debut Novella, An Unknown Trail, is a spiritual fiction published in 2019.

He likes to connect with nature and believes nature can heal everything.

He finds writing as a medium to help people in positive living.

An Unknown Trail

Sameer used to enjoy being fit during college. He still loved it a lot but he felt stuck in family life and could never give up his family commitments. He had earned enough money but something seemed to be missing in his life.

Aditya didn’t have a dream or a goal. Was this normal? What should he do to identify his passion?

Sameer and Aditya are friends but they part after graduation. They meet years later and realise their lives and their priorities had changed. To break their monotonous life, they take a vacation. What they discover during their vacation alters their lives.

Will Sameer finally realize his dream and become a fitness coach? Does Aditya find a passion?

Grab a copy of An Unknown Trail -- a spiritual fiction that unravels this mystery.


An Unknown Trail, written by Vinayak Jawalkar

I expected the book to be a work of fiction. At the end, I am surprised to find that the book raised lots of questions within me. The concept of 'Oneness' that the author talks about, though discussed by many before, is fresh here, with anecdotes to bolster the idea. The author has skillfully woven the experience of two friends into making his idea clear. This will make many people caught in the slumber of their work wake from their stupor. Continue writing, dear author.

Janneker Lawrence

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