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Does hustling culture benefit your well-being?

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Does hustling culture benefit your well-being?

Do you often have the feeling that you should work harder?

If yes, you may have a hustling mindset. While some people enjoy the culture, others don’t fit in for various reasons.

The desire for professional success has led people to glorify hustling in recent times.

When people neglect their mental health in a fast-paced world, it can become problematic for hustling.

What is a hustling culture?

It is an environment where the ultimate focus is productivity to achieve the desired success.

Hustling can influence us to overlook human emotions and needs in favour of one’s ambitious journey.

While hustlers can take pride in their professional achievements, their emotional well-being often pays the price.

The value of hustling depends on personal desires and goals.

Here’s why hustling culture is great:

Why embrace a hustling culture -

1. A natural boost in your productivity:

As productivity is the primary goal of hustling, there is a natural boost in one’s productivity.

You may constantly push hard to achieve a certain goal.

You continue to push yourself even after reaching a point.

Your forever-busy schedule brings you enjoyment from increased dopamine levels.

The result is, of course, greater levels of productivity.

2. You get the best monetary reward:

When you hustle; it means you work more.

A focused approach just towards your goal and nothing else lets you get the monetary rewards.

Hustling gives you a chance to become financially independent, which many could dream of.

3. Self-growth becomes clear:

Personal growth becomes apparent within the hustling culture.

This allows you to be in the continuous learning zone.

You get to gain more skills as you are developing yourself not just personally, but also professionally.

Hustling culture rewards those who want to grow.

You also start enjoying the sense of achievement you get as you meet your goals.

Hustling culture isn’t for you and here’s why:

Some downsides of a hustling culture are:

1. Feeling burned out:

If you constantly feel burned out, you may be hustling.

You will not fit in the hustling culture if you don’t enjoy being in the busy zone. You may feel burnout, which is not good for your health.

Prolonged stress negatively affects your physical and mental health.

You may lose motivation to work as you go nowhere by being constantly occupied.

2. Health problems are prevalent:

Continuous focus on increasing your productivity can bring down your energy levels.

You can find yourself with several health problems, like anxiety or depression.

This warning serves as a reminder that neglecting your health can have detrimental effects on your well-being.

3. Relationships lose strength:

You will miss a lot of family time and me-time.

This means less time for personal communication with family members and friends.

Believing you can prioritise work now and enjoy life later is self-deception, as you’re neglecting your time.

Missing out on what you cannot recover later in life.

Hustling demands your time commitments and hence your personal relationship bond weakens soon.

4. Doubting your self-worth:

You may feel yourself valued when you achieve great things.

Being unseen can hurt your self-esteem.

This is common in a place where humans primarily reward based on the results.

You may often start doubting your abilities when you don’t become productive as expected.

Is hustling culture a double-edged sword?

It depends on your career goals and where you fit in.

If this glorified idea frequently motivates and drives you to be productive, you might achieve professional success but sacrifice your emotional well-being.

If your priority is professional success, you will enjoy hustling.

Keep in mind that hustling comes at a cost.

If your family needs you, put aside your hustling affair.

Aim for a well-rounded lifestyle that supports professional growth and goal achievement while prioritising health and family.

What are your thoughts on the hustling culture?


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