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How to develop an effort-oriented mindset for career success?

How to develop an effort-oriented mindset for career success?

Feeling stressed by results?

Not everyone can have a result-oriented mindset in corporate life.

It may be easier to say and hard to practise, but here’s the never-changing mantra for career development:

Focus on what you can control. It should be actionable.

While you want to achieve goals, you don’t need to focus your mind solely on the outcome. 

Because it can lead to stress, and your process may not be enjoyable.

How can you develop a mindset that values effort and achieving success?

Achieve career fulfilment through balance.

Here’s how to develop an effort-oriented mindset for your career success.

Understanding the effort-outcome bridge

Your success lies on two key elements: desired results and dedicated effort when you understand how it works to have a fulfilling career.

Your actions help you achieve your outcome. Without action, there’s no outcome.

Without your action, relying on luck or miracles is pointless.

You can reject that thought immediately.

Let’s understand how results connect with your efforts.

Desired results

Start with an outcome you want to achieve in your personal life or career. Visualise a positive outcome (something that you want).

Distract statements you do not want. You neither have to choose an outcome that society widely accepts nor a popular option known to everyone. Your choice should satisfy you and not please others.

The decision of your desired outcome should be within your control.

Something you enjoy doing forever. It can be more than one thing. But to have clarity and direction, you can choose a single outcome and start working on it.

Your desired outcome can be a career goal, a fulfilling relationship, or any aspirational achievement.

Dedicated effort

Once you are clear about the outcome you wish to see, start working on it. This means you need to break your goals into micro-goals, which can make your entire journey easy and enjoyable.

Effort is your key to achieving what you want. When you shift your focus to action, you will be highly productive.

Stay present at the moment.

Concentrate on the task at hand.

It can be giving a talk, preparing for a presentation, or completing a project.

For instance,

  • Focus on delivering your best in the interview without worrying about the interview result.

  • Channel your energy into perfecting your presentation and not think of others’ feedback.

Reward yourself for your efforts

While the world ultimately rewards results, acknowledge your efforts.

Celebrate your efforts to make yourself happy.

Reward yourself for reaching milestones.

Your milestones are not the outcome. Take pride in your work and treat yourself.

Could you tailor your rewards to the size of the milestone? So, it becomes clear that your rewards are hard-earned.

Rewards serve as motivators, but genuine passion doesn’t demand external motivation.

If you constantly need motivation, re-evaluate your passion for the task.

How to develop an effort-oriented mindset for career success?

When you understand your effort and your outcome, you take action.

Developing an effort-oriented mindset for career success involves:

  • Focus completely on your actions

  • Stop constantly worrying about the results

This approach helps you develop a positive outlook, understand the value of hard work, achieve your objectives, and find long-term satisfaction.


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