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Is your goal working as intended?

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Is your goal working as intended?

When you think of a goal, what immediately comes to your mind?

Do you belong to the group of individuals who are content with no specific goals?

If so, that’s fine.

If you feel frustrated that you don’t have clear objectives in your life, I can empathize. I can understand how you're feeling because I've been in that same place myself.

Discovering my life's purpose was a long journey.

And, trust me, that process was arduous. It was essential to explore several things to know what I wanted.

If you don’t have a goal, it can also be a daunting experience, doesn’t it?

To achieve any goal, there comes a mix of challenges that we must face.

Your goal is essential in your world.

Your goal can also be your world.

Turning goals into reality requires physical effort, mental concentration, and emotional investment.

Just sitting inside a room and thinking about goals won’t lead you to results.

When we talk about goals or one’s life aspirations, many times people think about the goal defined by their family, friends, or the society they live in.

A goal that is widely accepted, financially rewarding, or looks fancy. It is a delicate process to help someone identify what their purpose is versus what others follow.

Your goal may not even exist and you need to create one. Your goal could be new and not known to anybody else.

However, let’s set aside society’s definition of success or failure for the time being as we explore the success you define.

Define your success

What is your goal?

  • Do you aspire to grow, moving into a higher corporate position? If so, that’s your goal.

  • Do you wish to create a product that positively affects people’s lives? Well, that’s a goal as well!

  • Want to explore uncharted territory? Yes, that’s a goal, too.

Reasons when goals fail

1) There is no goal

It is fine, and you should acknowledge it. Having no goal is acceptable. But, I believe everyone has some purpose, and they haven’t realized it yet.

Some people are active in their goal pursuit, while others are not.

If you feel you are living a life without ambition, start doing things you enjoy. Contemplate your life's journey from childhood until now.

You discover you have loads of life experiences.

Don’t you think you have interests in your school or college? Guess you do.

Perhaps you have given nothing of your full attention.

You might have even ignored a thought that reminds you of your interests.

Few choose to restart their career while comfortable with their current job/business.

Look back to find happiness-inducing activities. Consider them with your whole heart (or mind).

Don’t give excuses and try to do things honestly.

This process may bring out many personal interests, guiding you toward a path that is meant for you.

2) Goals don't align with desires and aspirations

You have a goal and you don’t see it is not moving ahead.

You think it is slow and you are not sure why it happens. If you procrastinate, that’s a red flag.

Procrastination could mean you lack enthusiasm for doing something - personal or professional.

When you postpone acting on your goals, it shows your heart isn’t in it.

You’re pushing time because you don’t want to do it.

Only you have the power to change this situation. Therefore, acknowledge if you’ve committed to a goal that doesn’t align with your purpose.

You can change when you are willing to. This change can lead to a more fulfilling career path.

If it’s not your passion, it’s time to quit before you regret it.

Create meaningful goals

You might realize your goal is not something you have chosen.

You picked it up for society's influence or popularity reasons.

Procrastination may result from having goals imposed on you.

Empower yourself to find and grow your goals that are meaningful in your world.

Take action for change

There is the best time for everything.

Don't delay, change now. There is only the present moment.

If you are serious about altering your future life, alter your present action - starting now.

Otherwise, your future will be like your present - full of complaints and unfulfilled experiences.

What can you do?

If you want a goal that works, engage in activities that bring you happiness.

This could mean starting a business, working a 9–5 job, doing freelancing, offering consulting services, teaching, or serving your country.

It can also be anything that is not popular. You don't have to choose just one thing.

It can be anything you love.

Something you can do all your life.


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