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Unleash your inner peace: The power of sharing and letting go in a stressful world

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Unleash your inner peace: The power of sharing and letting go in a stressful world

Have you ever poured out to your friend about how you had a bad day at work?

How did you feel about it?

I'm sure you felt much better and lighter after your conversation with your friend. That's how sharing can do wonders.

If sharing is so simple and can relieve stress, why isn't everyone doing it?

Some may think they won't get a solution, while others don't like to share.

Many people want to treasure their feelings, which can burst out someday.

You may be unwilling to share your problems with someone as you don't want to pass on your stress.

What happens when you don't share?

You do not become a strong person by hiding your problems. Instead, you can become mentally weaker.

As you hold your emotions, your mental health is affected in the long run.

Sharing is an antidote to stress.

Do you have friends?

You may have a few or no friends.

If you believe your problems are the biggest, you will not share them with anyone. You can get stuck in this thought unless you start sharing.

To fly out of this cage, you must begin trusting people. You can break this barrier by talking to someone about how you feel.

Don't expect a solution from anyone. While some may offer you solutions out of love and care, others may offer advice and solutions.

You must share with a person who shows interest in knowing your story.

Let go of your emotions:

You become emotional because different situations challenge you every day.

You do not become strong by resisting. Instead, your mental health gets affected.

You may start showing anger, disinterest at work, or feel stressed. Emotions make us humans.

Let go of your feelings so that it helps you restore your mental peace.

Find a genuine listener:

Tell your problems to a person who can listen to you without any judgment.

Your friends can help you.

You can share it with someone who wants to listen to you.

When you get the space to pour out your emotions, you will become relaxed.

You will be surprised to see that your problems disappear when you share them with someone.

Find a confidant. It can be your parents, friends, spouse or your colleagues.

Sharing in your workplace:

Challenges at work can make you stressed.

You grow with challenges.

That is a positive outlook, but how do you deal with stress at work?

Talk to your leader about what makes you feel the pressure at work. Great leaders can coach you and give you the right direction.

Don't share your emotions with colleagues who share your story with others. Everything becomes gossiping.

If you can't share it with your boss, tell your peers who can listen to you.

Sharing at home:

Home is an emotional zone.

Stress at home can take away your happy moments soon. At home, everyone shares an emotional bond.

Even a tiny spark can spread like a rapid fire. Let out your emotions and give your time to listen to everyone at home.

Listen to others the way you want others to listen to you.


You may not like it if you're an introvert.

Consider doing it to improve your mental health. Attend networking events, so you get an opportunity to speak to new people.

When you meet new people, you learn from them that changes your opinions.

It helps you see problems from a new direction.

When you listen to others, you will learn how people deal with different challenges.

Does venting solve your problem?

You may not need a solution if your problems are imaginary.

But, you can't realise it because it's hidden in your mind. Your friends and family can support you by giving you the space to talk.

Listen when others want to share something with you.

Give your time to others, and help them emotionally.

Surround yourself with positivity:

Sharing is a natural way to relieve your emotions.

You get stressed when you stop sharing. Find a circle of friends or colleagues who are positive-minded.

Your outlook becomes positive when you surround yourself with positive vibes.

If you meet happy souls, you attract happiness in your life.

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