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What is NLP Coaching and how does it benefit you?

What is NLP Coaching?

What does an NLP coach do?

People communicate their feelings in different ways. Their tone of voice, words and facial expressions tell what is going on within a person. An NLP coach can spot the subtle clues and behaviour of the clients. This helps a coach find the limitations a client has developed in this mind and helps them to move ahead. An NLP coach uses questioning techniques to find the patterns in a client’s language.

For whom does NLP coaching suit?

NLP coaching suits anyone who wants to improve, alter and do something in life. NLP coaching helps an individual towards a happier path in life. An NLP coaching can help if you want to tap your potential. Coaching works for a businessman, a homemaker or a corporate employee. It helps you to become efficient, grow and develop yourself. The only prerequisite for coaching is you must be willing to see things from a new perspective. You should be open to feedback.

Does coaching work for everyone?

It depends on why you need coaching. The purpose differs from one person to another.

Here’s how coaching helps different people –

  1. Corporate employees - Increases productivity at work. Helps find ways to cut the obstacles in the career path and seek professional growth.

  2. Entrepreneurs - Business can expand, gain more visibility and create a brand name.

  3. List ItemWorking Mothers - Finding practical ways to balance personal life and work.

  4. Homemakers - A new world can open up when they share their aspirations.

  5. Freelancers - Helps in creating a personal brand and increasing the client base.

What's the purpose of coaching?

Coaching helps you to think from your problem zone to your new outcome zone. It helps you realise your obstacles and alters your perspective about them. It is not a one-stop solution for all your problems. We are not aware of our thoughts and create automatic thoughts. You repeat your thoughts and it becomes your thinking patterns. This pattern is never-ending and happens throughout your life. A coach can spot this pattern and help you discover something you have never thought of.

NLP experts believe that coaching can transform a person’s life. It is true when NLP Coaching has a purpose. Coaching works for you if you have a coachable mind. You should be willing to listen and accept another point of view. You should believe there can be a new possibility.

Myth: A coach has a solution to your problem. Fact: A coach helps you spot your mental obstacles and help you move ahead.

What is not NLP coaching?

Here’s what NLP is NOT –

Psychotherapy Psychology Psychoanalysis Counselling Hypnotherapy Clinical Therapy

How does NLP Coaching benefit you?

Here are some possible outcomes of an NLP coaching – 

  1. You can get a sense of direction in life - personal or professional.

  2. Coaching can help declutter your thoughts and helps you get clarity.

  3. NLP can motivate you to be productive at work.

  4. You can become a happy person.

  5. You can understand the language of your brain and alter it to work for you.

Understand why you need a coach

The outcomes of an NLP coaching session depends on WHAT you want and WHY you want something in life. Understand why you want a coach. I chose NLP as my way forward easily. However, I got more clarity when I realised why I chose to become an NLP coach. Your choices define your life.

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