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Break your comfort with action

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Break your comfort with action

Is it bad to stay comfortable?

If so, why do people like comfort?

Why do experts say we should do things that aren't comfortable?

These are some questions that came to me seven years ago. At that time, all I was doing was working full-time during weekdays and had nothing to do at the weekends.

It's fine to have a lazy weekend and relax. But how long should it last?

And why does it have anything to do with this hidden mental thing called comfort that we stick to?

So, let's talk about the comfort circles we live in. Let's see how they can stop us from reaching our dreams.

What's a comfort zone?

It's a way in our heads that we're okay, safe, and fine with things as they are. It's doing stuff we're used to. Anything different from this is outside our comfort zone.

It can be in any part of life – work, friends, stuff you want to do.

Feeling comfortable sometimes is good.

But if it's comfort all the time, it turns into a habit that's tough to change. This habit can be like a wall we can't see. And later, it can stop us from getting what we want in life.

Imagine you're in a job that feels safe, so you don't take on harder roles that could help you learn and get better.

This can keep you from moving up at work. It can stop you from trying new things.

Let's say you want to start your own business, but you're too comfortable in your current job.

Your dream might fade away

And you might begin to believe that not everyone can have dreams and that your life will remain as it is now.

Moving towards your dream takes you out of your comfort zone, bit by bit. You might end up being happy dreaming about it.

And you might not do what it takes to make it real.

How do we break out of this comfort circle?

1. See what kind of comfort is holding you

  • Is it feeling comfortable at home?

  • Is it feeling safe at your job?

  • Is it because your job pays well?

A lot of times, you might not even realise that your thinking is what's stopping you from doing better.

2. Ask why you're comfortable

  • Is it hard to leave your regular job and do what you want?

  • Do you think you don't have time to do what you love

  • Does your work schedule stop you from living the life you want?

Think about these questions and write down what you think.

You don't need quick answers.

Understand why you feel comfortable.

3. Go a bit beyond your comfort zone

Getting out of your comfort zone doesn't mean doing hard stuff – though that works for some people.

Start by doing things that are a bit tough but not too scary. Try something that challenges you a little.

Tell yourself that leaving your comfort zone is the first step to being happier.

4. Know your fears

Fear is one big reason we stick to comfort. You might fear failing or people saying no.

When you figure out why you're scared, it's easier to deal with it. Understanding your fears helps you think about ways to get over them.

Think about what's holding you back from leaving your comfort zone.

Believe there's a way out.

Talk to someone you trust about it – a friend, family, or someone who can help.

Even if you're scared, take the first step.

This is important.

5. Do things that feel weird

I was stuck in my comfort zone for a long time, believe me. When I tried new things, I felt weird and backed off.

But I learned that feeling weird is okay.

It's how it is when you try something new.

6. Start with one small step

Taking the first step can be super hard. But it's the key to getting excellent results.

Taking that first step is like opening a door to new things.

Trust me, only you can do this. People might tell you what to do, but your dreams and life are yours.

You're the master of your choices.

7. Turn thoughts into real actions

The difference between thinking, dreaming, and real life is taking action.

Doing something is like making your dreams come true.

In simple words, make your thoughts real. Breaking comfort doesn't have to be something huge.

  • It can be as simple as calling your parents you've been postponing.

  • It can be showing your family that you care you've not expressed.

  • It can be starting on a goal you've been avoiding.

Sometimes, thinking too much stops you from doing stuff.

When you think of doing something hard, you might doubt yourself. You could put it off or give up.

Even if you have reasons not to, try to be brave and take that first step.

Sometimes, you need to do things that might seem a bit crazy.

8. Listen to your inner voice

"I'll do it later, it's fine."

"I shouldn't do it because it might not work out."

"What will people say?"

"What if I fail?"

These thoughts are normal, but they can stop you. Try to notice them and then be brave and do it anyway.

Final thoughts

Breaking out of your comfort zone is tough. But it's important if you want to grow.

Know you're in a comfort zone, accept it, and be ready to leave.

Taking action is the first step to making your dreams real.

So, go ahead and take that first step today.


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