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Stop dreaming, start doing: Discover why taking action is important

Why taking action is important?

Do you often wonder why things don’t work out for you? Your dreams keep them safe, bringing temporary happiness.

So, when you have glorious dreams, ask yourself one question.

Do you want to be happy just by dreaming about your aspirations, career goals, and grand visions?

Would you like to witness their actual occurrence?

I’m sure you don’t want to carry the lifelong regret of an unfulfilled dream. But taking action on your goals isn’t easy, is it?

Your thinking may be an illusion.

  • If you can’t take action on your goals, who else will?

  • Do you truly desire countless ways to get motivated?

  • Do you desire personal achievements?

You excel in planning, believing, and gaining knowledge.

One key thing you must realise is that nothing will work unless you do something about your dreams. That’s why taking action is important.

Here’s what you must consider doing:

1. Break limiting beliefs: See the reality

Often, you may think you’re unable to do certain things. You might not realise it, but you already have a limiting belief holding you back.

Within the realm of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a limiting belief denotes a thought or notion that you accept as true, even though it impedes your growth and development.

Whether conscious or unconscious, these beliefs create internal barriers that hinder your progress and limit your potential.

The moment you believe something can or cannot work, it becomes your truth.

However, these are just your perspectives, like everyone else’s.

Dreamers imagine, achievers do, and confront reality.

2. Talk openly: Allow self-expression

Self-expression is a daily necessity in your family, workplace, and anywhere you can communicate.

It might sound easy, but I understand it’s not.

Years or decades of interacting with family and colleagues can shape your opinions about how they think, behave, and act in everyday situations.

This can make it difficult to talk, think, or behave differently around them.

Certain actions from others might always trigger anger in you.

This becomes a repetitive pattern and can only change when you or the other person alters their behaviour–your way of speaking or behaving, for instance.

Talk openly despite any preconceived notions you have about your family, colleagues, or friends.

Their sudden changes can be surprising, and you may not even notice.

Regardless of whether they’ve changed, you’ll gain the courage to express yourself better.

3. Stop making assumptions: Embrace a positive story

Stories are a necessary part of human thought.

Without the language that creates stories in our minds, the world would seem meaningless.

The point here isn’t to stop making assumptions and creating stories altogether.

However, when you assume negative things about people and situations, you create a negative narrative.

Be aware of negativity caused by uncertain assumptions.

Replace negative thoughts with a positive story where you still feel good about the person, despite their forgetfulness.

Assumptions can make or break your life.

Negative assumptions can significantly affect your mental health and lead to stress and demotivation.

Take responsibility for your mental health by stopping assumptions.

4. Take that first step: Know why taking action is important

Everything works only through action.

Imagination is good, but it doesn’t give you results.

You can’t achieve greatness by simply assuming things will work out.

You need to do your part by taking action.

Your dreams won’t materialise by sitting on the sofa.

You must work towards them every single day.

Your aspirations won’t become reality just by reading best-selling self-help books.

You must also try to apply what you’ve learned.

Dreaming is not the end, but the start of success stories.

The toughest part is taking the first step.

It may seem like the biggest hurdle, but it disappears the moment you take it.

The other steps are less challenging than the initial one. That’s the trick your mind plays on you.

Understanding reality leads to increased motivation.


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