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Why do we procrastinate and how to break the cycle?

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Why do we procrastinate and how to break the cycle?

Are you consistently procrastinating without understanding the reason?

The biggest reason could be that they do not align those tasks with your purpose.

For the things you love, you would never give reasons to not do them. You'd always have reasons to do it.

Here are the top three reasons we may procrastinate:

1. Lack of interest:

Many of us postpone tasks because they are uninteresting.

The level of interest differs for each person. While you may find one task interesting others may find it boring.

And it is okay because not everyone will enjoy doing everything. Skipping these tasks is not an option; we must do them.

How to handle disinterest?

Make your boring tasks interesting:

Adding some level of interest to your mundane tasks is a good way forward.

Make it more interesting for yourself.

Seek a new method when you feel uninterested in doing a weekly report. Working on it consistently will generate interest.

It can give you the feeling that you are working on something new every time, so you will start liking it.

Add fun and creativity:

This especially works great for repetitive tasks. Some activities at home or work may not allow for fun.

This is your chance to be creative.

When cooking, think of new ways to prepare the dish. You will enjoy doing it and make the dish delicious.

This is not for those who love cooking because their dish always tastes delicious.

Find alternative ways to do it:

Look for different ways to delay things.

You may not change things you may choose to do it differently. It will inspire you and prevent boredom.

2. Laziness:

Though you may not accept, you may feel lazy to do a few things.

These could be important activities and postponing them wouldn’t be a good choice.

How to deal with laziness?

Build habits to keep the momentum:

Whenever you feel you want to postpone things because you feel lazy, create some habits that help you complete the tasks.

Create a to-do list and ensure timely completion of each task.

You should consider all your tasks seriously.

You will become more confident when you complete things on your schedule.

Make it a daily routine:

Creating routines is essential for key tasks. Add some tasks to your daily routine if you can’t avoid them.

For instance, watering your plants or focusing on your fitness.

Take action without excuses:

Break laziness by getting into action. Habits facilitate timely action. Take responsibility and commit yourself mentally.

You can create an accountability partner for your tasks.

It can be your friend, colleague, or spouse. They will prevent you from going off track.

This works well because they will question you on the progress.

3. No Motivation:

You might feel unmotivated by certain tasks.

This is acceptable because you cannot expect everything to motivate you.

How to deal with a lack of motivation?

Stop the task:

If possible, quit doing it.

This can be a tough choice, and it may be necessary. It is better to hand over the task to another person who finds it interesting.

This way, you will quit doing things that don’t motivate you.

Learn from others:

Follow someone who has completed a similar task successfully.

Approach them and learn their ways of doing it. Find out how they do it regularly with motivation.

Being open to learning from others is essential if you want to be motivated to complete your task.

Reward yourself:

You can do this by yourself.

For every task you need motivation, create a rewarding system.

Reward yourself when you complete some key task off your checklist.

It can be a simple reward for treating yourself to your favourite food or watching a movie.

I hope these tips benefit you.


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