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Is there a positive purpose driving your goal?

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Is there a positive purpose driving your goal?

Have you ever asked yourself if your goal is positive?

Now, you might wonder how a goal cannot be positive.

Many people focus on setting smart goals for their growth, but they overlook one important aspect.

Check if your goal has a positive statement.

Why should your goal be positive?

Because you want success, thinking of your goal should make you happy.

Setting positive goals connects with the law of attraction and attracts both desired and undesired outcomes.

Let’s begin by examining the significance of positivity in goal setting.

1. Emotional Resonance: A Key to Goal Achievement

When we think about our goals, we should consider how they make us feel.

  • Does our goal seem exciting to us?

  • Do we experience stress when we think of our goals?

  • Whatever feeling you receive is feedback about our goal.

Our emotions shape our mindset. They also determine whether we succeed in our actions.

We should determine what qualifies as a positive and what does not.

2. Positive vs. Negative: Crafting Purposeful Goals

Consider two different goals: “I want to quit this job,” and “I want to find an X role in a Y company.”

The first goal, quitting a job, is merely an action.

While quitting your job might be an emotional decision due to stress or an unhealthy work environment, it cannot be your goal.

  • It might seem like a temporary relief and we cannot consider it an actual goal.

  • When you reflect on this goal, how do you feel?

  • Do you feel a positive vibe within you or are you stressed?

It doesn’t make you happy because your goal is not to do something. Leaving a toxic work environment might be necessary, but it doesn’t qualify to be a positive goal.

The second goal is clear and positive, it's about getting a specific position in a specific company.

It appears attainable as well, with the right efforts.

  • This goal directs our minds towards building our careers and gaining the skills for a particular role.

  • This goal is entirely positive, as it is focused on achievement.

  • This is a positive goal, having a good direction and a sense of purpose.

This ignites your motivation to work on something and pushes you to take action.

Imagine wanting to be an entrepreneur.

Your goal should be “I want to build a startup that solves X problems.” By embracing a positive mindset, you can experience joy and enthusiasm as you work towards your goals.

If you think, “My startup should not become a failure,” this sounds like a goal rooted in fear.

3. Painting a Positive Life: Goals That Inspire Change

Setting positive goals extends beyond our professional paths.

  • It applies to all the personal aspirations as well.

  • Often, we set goals that lack inherent positivity in various aspects of our lives.

  • Goals such as weight reduction, not failing an exam, or not missing project deadlines can create unnecessary stress.

They also focus on the negative consequences of failure.

When you repeatedly think such negative thoughts, it becomes a pattern and you assume it as your serious goal.

These are not helpful and affect your mental health.

To make our goals more meaningful and peaceful, we need to infuse them with positivity.

To get feedback about your goal, imagine how you would feel when thinking about it.

So, instead of thinking about losing weight, focus on what kind of physical fitness you want to achieve. Imagine how you want to look and feel. Shift your mindset towards becoming healthier and stronger. Similarly, rather than obsessing over never missing a deadline, you think about how you can complete your projects on time.

Final thoughts

Take action, track the project's progress, and visualize what you want to achieve. By thinking about a positive result, you work towards it and achieve it.

This mindset change is simple and powerful. You can apply it to different areas of your life.

By setting positive goals, we invite more positivity into our lives.

It’s not just about positive words.

It’s about taking positive actions.


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