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How to deal with your gloomy day?

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

How to deal with your gloomy day?

You know how it feels like. Depression. Boredom. Anger. Irritation. Hopelessness. Over-eating. I can go on. The list is endless. These are some words we often use to describe how we feel. What triggered us to feel low is something to introspect.

Most of the times we know why we are depressed but neither accept it or share it with someone. Some feel better by sharing it. Some prefer to keep it private. Sharing is much better because it reduces 90% of your magnified problem.

If you’re silent and like to let your mind settle, chances are it doesn’t work. Moreover, your opinions about your emotions grow stronger.

Let’s list some common problems – argument with someone, bad day at work, stressed out doing chores, too much to learn, unwell, drowned in the past, etc. Let’s assume you keep everything to yourself. What happens?

You contain your emotions or feelings. It goes beyond your control (or you assume it so).

What could you do?

Read a book

Don’t seek a solution in a book. Don’t hunt for motivational quotes about life. Just read with your complete focus.

Share with your friends or family

This should have been the first option. Whatever breakdown you are going through, let someone know. You might be offered free advice or counselling. Share it with someone who just listens to you.

Express in writing

Sometimes, writing about your feelings helps you to alleviate your pain. You could write to the person or just write to yourself. Though not as equal as speaking to someone, writing is definitely a better way to comfort.

Take up a challenge

Go for a long walk, run or sweat out in the gym. Try a Trek. Pick a sport that strains you physically. This works like a magic most of the time. You become fully involved physically. Your mental problems start to shrink.

Connect with nature

Go for a nature walk. Park. Beach. Whatever works for you. Make sure you get out of your house. Living within the frames contain your thoughts. You need to look beyond your ceiling.

Do nothing

At times, it works. You could argue how you could be idle. Being idle aggravates the problem. But you could just be the way you are. You could also sleep and it relaxes your brain.

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