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Perseverance is the key to obstacles

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Perseverance is the key to obstacles in life

Have you seen the ants? They are almost everywhere. You can spot them in your house, garden and wherever they find their food. They form a large train of army from one corner of the house to the other. You can never find their source and destination. But they keep going while communicating with each other. If you interrupt them, they might scatter for a moment but will quickly be back on track.

An ant knows where its treasure is – a tiny grain of sugar.

Now, why do we talk about ants? We certainly cannot investigate how they spot sweets! What catches our attention is their determination to get what they want. Their focus to coordinate and complete a task is inexplicable.

Try to stop an ant – it wouldn’t.

Try doing it again – it might back off momentarily but will soon be back on its track. In no time!

Placing your finger on its way. It might even bite its way out.

Now why do we talk about ants? These tiny creatures teach us a great lesson – to move on in life. How do we face obstacles in life? Some of us react emotionally while others back off from acting promptly. Dreams get shattered if we have no focus to meet our goals. Giving up is the first failure.

What does an ant teach us?


"People who give up soon are the ones who don't perceive."

Be like an ant, which never gives up. Set your goal and start to work on them. Ascend gradually – take one step at a time. Do not stop! Remember that your goals are bigger than the reasons that hinder your progress. Create milestones and follow them with full heart. Your goal is closer than you think it is.

Perseverance is the key to face the obstacles and achieve success.

Follow the ants!

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