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How to prioritise your life? A guide to balance, wellness, and meaningful connections.

Prioritise your life

Do you feel overwhelmed by information on life priorities and unsure where to begin?

This newsletter can provide guidance.

If you’re already working on multiple areas, bringing structure can provide clarity and help you determine where to focus.

I have a holistic approach, and I discourage favouring certain things and neglecting the rest of your life.

You are the best person to choose your life’s priorities.

Here are ways to prioritise your life in certain areas.

1. Mental and physical health

Mental and physical health have an interconnected relationship.

If you prioritize your physical well-being at the expense of your stress and emotional needs, you may find yourself in emotional turmoil.

In today’s fast-paced society, where individuals often prioritize rapid career advancement and financial gains, emotional well-being is occasionally overlooked.

Why do we ignore mental health when it is so crucial in life?

Let us say you get stressed because of work, you may talk about it at home or keep it to yourself, which accumulates.

Even if you don't transfer the stress to your family, your emotions will inevitably reveal themselves. This can lead to an unhappy family. Some people assume stress is normal.

People should normalize managing stress by giving themselves time to relax and calm down.

It can be sports, television, or spending time in nature. Choosing to de-stress is essential when facing any kind of stress.

2. Work-life balance

No work-life balance when the work schedule sacrifices personal or family time.

The significance of this varies for each person depending on their work role. You might assume that it is sufficient if you spend a few hours over the weekend with your family.

How can you determine if you’re maintaining a healthy work-life balance?

Ask your family members what they are missing. Pause and observe their world.

Will you adjust your work schedule for more family time?

How much are you willing to compromise your family’s expectations for work?

While changing your job may not provide a solution, have you considered having a kind and open conversation with your family members?

This could foster acceptance and agreement among everyone involved.

3. Relationships (at work and family)

Improving communication can affect all your relationships.

The way you talk with your colleagues, friends, or family is how you think.

Are you kind in the way you communicate?

Pause and reflect on how others perceive your communication. You can simply ask people in your life how they perceive you.

Getting their opinions will give you a perspective you haven’t thought of.

This could be an unfamiliar zone requiring your attention.

To transform the way you interact with others, you must first change your outlook on those in your family and professional life.

Be the one to start a conversation and keep open communication as your goal.

Relationships don’t automatically get better if you are not consciously altering your words, behaviours, and actions towards people around you.

4. Goals (personal and career)

Having a goal is a good feeling- both personally and professionally.

Your personal and career goals will create discipline automatically in your life.

Whether you want to work in an ideal job, shift roles, start a business, or get into a creative field, your goals can be endless.

If you want to prioritize spending time with your loved ones, make it your goal. While you can achieve certain goals with a bit of awareness, some goals require commitment and perseverance.

How much are you willing to do to achieve your dream life?

If you don’t have goals, it may be worth exploring your life and finding what you want.

Whatever you choose, make sure you are happy because you spend your time and energy on those.

Final thoughts on how to prioritise your life

You are the best person to choose what is important to you. Let your priorities give you the peace and happiness you deserve.

Assess your goals periodically, see what works best for you, and change if required.

What else do you think you can focus on?


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