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Is your goal not working for you? Here’s how to achieve your goals!

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

How to set your goals?

Goals! Goals! Goals!

It sounds painful to those who don’t have a goal, doesn’t it? It’s absolutely true that achieving any goal is a challenge. Goals could demand your physical effort, mental contribution and emotional involvement for it to become a success.

Let’s leave aside the society while we talk about success or failure. I’m referring to the success you define for yourself.

Do you want to develop yourself professionally to reach a higher corporate position? Yes, that’s your goal.

Do you want to build a innovate product that makes a difference in people’s lives? Well! That’s a goal, too!

Why goals do not work?

It is easy to get lost when you hear this question “How to achieve your goals?”

Before you get lost in the mode of introspection, take a deep breath. Relax! We aren’t entering a meditation session. 

Goals don’t work for two reasons-

  1. You don’t have a goal; there’s nothing wrong in admitting it.

  2. Your goals do not align with what you really want in life.

You have no goal:

To address this, you must see your life positively. Having no goal is perfect. But I’m sure everyone has a goal. The real problem is that some realise it and some do not.

Take your life from childhood to your corporate job, for instance. Your life experiences are worth at least a dozen novels. Do you think you’re short of interests? Not at all. Probably, you did not try anything seriously.

Look back and pick anything that made you happy. Then follow it with a full heart (or full brain). Don’t become an addict to reasons. You will discover many things in this process. Eventually, you will do what you love to do in life.

You don’t see your goals work:

If you see yourself procrastinating, it is definitely a red alarm. It means you don’t like doing something. It applies to your personal or professional goals. If you just want to push things as much as you can, it is a clear sign of your interest.

Apparently, no one else except you could alter this scenario. Hence, the sad reality is you have picked up something you never wanted in life. It’s not a big mistake, but it’s time to move ahead in your career. If you have realised it, it’s time you got rid of it before it left you with a regretful experience.

If you’re not the owner of your life goals, it’s another reason for you to procrastinate.

Set a goal you love:

Wake up today. Wake up now. Now is the only time that’s real. If you aren’t attempting to change things now, your future will exactly look like your present life — cribbing hours, restless days and unfulfilled life experience.

Now that you know how to achieve your goals, consider this practical suggestion:

Do something that you’re happy about. It could be a business, a 9–5 job, consulting, teaching or serving your country. It could be anything in the world — not necessarily one thing — you love to do for the rest of your life.

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