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Share your success journey

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Share your success journey

Have you ever strived to be like someone else but couldn’t reach their level of success?

Certain individuals always come to mind when we think of successful people, don’t they?

While striving towards our goals, we measure our success against those we deem prosperous.

They become our role models in some aspects of our lives.

We could also imagine them as superior to us. They influence us by their actions.

This happens because we keep comparing ourselves with them.

If you are doing this, you have fallen into a common trap.

What you might not know is that -

People who influence you don’t have to be someone you look up to.

They may have found what was effective for them. Their achievements are a measure of their success.

They succeeded because of what they did. This means that you don’t have to choose their path. You are not required to achieve what others did.

And their path leads you to success, which you are looking for.

Everyone has unique thinking patterns, mindsets, beliefs, and experiences.

Creating your path to success is about recognizing that what works for them may not work for you.

Often, you may see people getting stressed because something their hard efforts aren’t giving them results.

It’s possible because they naturally possess different strengths, which they haven’t realized.

With effort, we can develop our skills that we don’t have.

  • What if you cannot notice your strengths?

  • Wouldn’t it be wise to strengthen your skills and become an expert?

  • How many use their strengths to succeed at work?

Creating your path to success may be unexplored by you. Not every well-accepted path needs to be popular.

It’s not related to widely accepted opinions.

Focus on what is meaningful to you. You achieve success and fulfilment by working on your dreams.

Your success can differ from society’s definition of success.

That is perfect.

There is no standard for defining our success. Creativity and exploration are your path to finding the success you deserve in life.

Stop being influenced by others’ success and write your own success story.

What is the process for creating one?

1. Discover your strong points

Focus on what you’re good at and capitalize on those skills. You may take time to find your strength.

It may be a slow process if you have not explored your strengths until now.

But, it is okay because this is the first step to identifying your strength.

2. Recognize what inspires you

Understanding what motivates you is essential to life’s joy.

Find out what keeps you committed to your goals.

  • What makes you get pepped up?

  • Can you relate your motivating factor to your personal goals?

  • Can you apply your motivation at work?

3. Think beyond the ordinary

Visualize the ideal day, where you would live a fulfilled life.

  • What is your big dream, and what gives you fulfilment?

  • How does your successful day look like?

  • How do you feel when you imagine that day?

Work on that day to make it a reality.

You are capable, believe it.

4. Your success depends on your self-belief

When you have faith in yourself, nothing can stop you. Belief in one’s work can prevent demoralization.

Your belief in yourself can either push you to great heights or create a barrier.

The opinions of others can only matter if they motivate you.

Belong to a goal-oriented group.

5. Don’t wait, take action

Aim big and take bold steps. Have the courage to take action towards your goals. Expand your comfort zone gradually.

You may read, listen, or watch motivational content, but nothing works until you do things.

Taking action means you doing what you committed.

It shows how serious you are towards your goals.

6. Pen your journey to success

Don’t follow others’ path.

Create your path to success, cross new hurdles, and enjoy the moment of joy when you succeed. Your success can be unique.

You can get motivated by others’ success stories.

Success doesn’t require following every successful person’s actions. You are free to create a life that is designed for you.

So, find what you are good at.

Your success journey is waiting for you.


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