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What to do if you haven’t found your passion, yet?

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Finding your life's purpose is a pure drama

Are you desperate to find your true passion? You’re not alone. Many human beings suffer from this purpose-finder syndrome. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything called a life passion or purpose. Like a flock of sheep, we have been following one another.

Ever wondered how your parents and grandparents didn’t crib on their jobs for years? They had no secret. They just enjoyed their job and spent a relaxing family time during weekends.

I don’t say people have no passion. They do.

It is the environment they were brought up in or the opportunities they tapped at the right time. For instance, my father was a creative artist. He had identified art was everything he lived for. Art was his life and passion.

Passion, Life-goal, purpose, destiny, ambition and what not?

Art inspired me but I never felt an urge to learn the art for some reason. My creative brain was sleeping for many years until I crossed 30. I always wanted a peaceful life and never thought what I lived for. Maybe, I lived for no purpose. Maybe, I enjoy exploring multiple things. I do not know.

People write about identifying one’s true passion in life. Whenever I read such mastermind words, my mind always said maybe I’m not good at anything. I have been working in the corporate for about 13 years. I have been recognised for my work. So, I’m sure I’m good at something. Maybe, I did not try anything else. It was a routine I was stuck to. I didn’t create an idle time. I didn’t introspect.

My interests, as of today, still keeps shifting from one thing to another. I like to be a polymath. I got certified as a trainer. I learnt Digital Marketing. But, I’m not doing any of it.

I started to write with no formal certification. I was not passionate about writing from childhood. A year back, something triggered me to write. Call it a shot in the air. Since then, I have been writing. I work in a full-time job and write something daily when I’m free. But I write!

Is writing my passion? No. I connected the dots and gave it a shot. Honestly, I enjoy writing. It never bores me. Instead, it relieves me from artificial stress.

So, what should you do if you don’t know your passion, yet?


  1. Don’t stress yourself about it.

  2. Don’t compete with your friends. It could be their passion and not yours.

  3. Never compare yourself with others. Your life experience is unique.

  4. Try things you haven’t tried before.

  5. Meet different people. You never know how breakthrough happens.

  6. Don’t read blogs about how to identify your passion.

  7. Introspect. Spend sometime for yourself. Relax. Connect with nature.

  8. Write. Sometimes, your inner voice speaks aloud when you express your feelings in words.

  9. Ignore others’ advice on your life’s purpose. It is non-existent.

  10. Live by your experience. Others’ experiences are good to read. It’s a bad idea to follow them.

  11. Life is about exploring. Every day is a new day. Life with a schedule is boring.

I’m sure you will turn on your brain’s creative portion in no time.


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